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To subscribe to our calendar, please use this URL:

What is iCalendar?

iCalendar is a standard for calendar data exchange. The standard is sometimes referred to as "iCal", which also is the name of the Apple Computer calendar program that provides one of the implementations of the standard.

What can this actually do?

If you have software in your computer that supports this format standard, you can subscribe to the Online Calendar and have your desktop calendar up to date with our events. If / when changes are made to the online calendar the changes could then be updated in your desktop calendar as well. This means that you will be able to have your calendar in sync with the events you are interested in on our calendar all the time.

What software supports this?

There are many free and commercial softwares that you can use available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. We recommend visiting Wikipedia for more information:

Can I use this with Microsoft Outlook?

The 2007 release of Microsoft Office Outlook incorporates native support for this format (TOOLS / ACCOUNT SETTINGS / INTERNET CALENDARS), however previous versions do not. There is a free utility available to allow earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook to subscribe to an iCalendar. This free utility is available at: